Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising is the process of sourcing voluntary financial aid from other people or businesses for charity or other causes. Below are some ideas on how to be successful in fundraising.

1. Attraction of sponsors

Many organizations are ready to become sponsors. However, not every large business owner agrees to do this without any benefit for his company.

When applying for sponsorship, be sure to mention what the business representative will receive in return. This may be an advertisement for an event, products, etc.

2. Grants

Today, there are quite a few options for obtaining grants for non-profit organizations. You can try to get a grant for the fundraising event itself. Please note that it may take more than a month to make a decision on issuing such a subsidy, so it’s better to take up this issue well before the proposed date of the event.

3. Sale of tickets

Selling tickets to an event is a great way to raise funds. Unusual solutions will even more interest in potential guests. In addition to simple tickets, you can offer to buy special sets of several pieces at a discount, tickets to the VIP-zone, sponsorship packages, etc.

Also, lottery draws on tickets for guests, receiving a souvenir or a cocktail when giving a ticket, etc., will bring additional profit.

4. Lottery

This uncomplicated entertainment can be used at almost any fundraising event. You can offer guests to buy lottery tickets along with an entrance ticket for a small fee or no fixed fee.

Prizes on the lottery can be any souvenirs or any original things donated for this purpose by sponsors (for example, pictures or products of any company).

Especially effective lottery on the principle of “who is more.” The prize (usually quite substantial) here gets the one who buys more tickets. Less expensive prizes receive the next 10 most active buyers.

5. The silent auction

Everyone is familiar with this popular type of auction when participants do not declare bids openly and by any gesture inform the auctioneer of the bid. If you are not able to offer large interesting lots, be creative and invite guests to buy sets or collections of any items.

Remember that the maximum demand at the auction will use unique and original things. Also, any services that offer a non-standard experience will be in demand: a balloon flight, an unusual journey, etc.

6. Live auction

In a live auction, the main role is played by a good professional auctioneer. Only in his power to create a special mood of bidding, to entice buyers and turn the auction into memorable entertainment for guests. For such an auction also try to find exciting original lots.

7. Request for voluntary contribution

Quite an effective method of raising funds – a request for this direct guest from the scene. Many wealthy people love public recognition. The facilitator should ask guests to make contributions, announcing a specific goal. In this case, be sure to publicly express a separate thanks to those who transfer large sums.

8. Selling food and drinks

One of the easiest and most effective methods for attracting money. You can come up with many creative options for such a sale. For example, arrange an auction of desserts, sell cards to individual tables (drinks, desserts, snacks), sell unusual and unfamiliar dishes/drinks to guests or invite chefs who would create their masterpieces right before the public.

9. Sale of souvenirs

The maximum amount of money you can earn if you come up with creative souvenirs. Ask local designers and craftsmen to help you prepare souvenirs. They can create unique items with unusual elements that will arouse the interest of guests and will be sold with ease.

10. Games and entertainment

Arrange a competition or game to entertain guests and at the same time earn the desired amount.

Entertainment should be well thought out and really exciting, so that guests would happily want to participate in them. This could be a quest to find hidden prizes, a dance competition, a competition for the funniest photo, etc. These are all proven, successful ways of fundraising for your chosen cause.